• Chorizo tacos
  • Pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw
  • Platter with sausage, burnt ends, cheesy potatoes and BBQ beans

Scott's Kitchen


On May 8th, 2009, Scott Umscheid entered his first KCBS BBQ competition in his home town of Platte City, MO. With a team of his brother-in law-Josh Hulett, Josh's Dad Roger Hulett, and a great friend of the family, Tyler Fadler. It was during the 14th annual Platte City BBQ cook off held at the famous Basswood Resort. Scott's responsibility was chicken, so he did some research and several practice cooks before turning in his chicken box, Saturday, May 9th at noon. Fast forward to our first ever results ceremony, a few hours later, and we probably had 30 plus people there to see what the judges thought about our first ever BBQ. Chicken results come first and the KCBS rep started with #10, then #9 and so forth all the way down to #2 and we still hadn’t heard our team’s name called.

That all happened pretty quickly, so with 1 team left to call, Josh looks at Scott with a wink and a confident thumbs up saying, 'you got this'. Next the announcer calls our team name for first place in chicken and our entire entourage started screaming like the Chiefs won the Super Bowl!!!! We were all hugging and high-fiving while all of these other teams had to be thinking where the heck did these guys come from? Needless to say, that set the hook for Scott to finding his new passion of learning about and cooking smoked meats. Scott did a lot of smoking, but over the next several years was only able to enter a few BBQ competitions.

In 2016, Scott set a goal to compete in at least five KCBS competitions. So with his friend and team partner, Scott McKinley, he started the Scott-Yards BBQ team and entered six local KCBS contests in the Kansas City area. It was a great summer for learning and overall Scott-Yards had some results that they could be proud of. No Grand Champions or Reserve Grand Champions but there were some great trends to build upon including 3 weeks in a row of improving ribs results: 9th, 7th and 5th. A third-place trophy for pork and a first-place call for brisket at a competition with 55 teams.

The decision for 2017 was to open a restaurant and catering company, and that dream is coming to life as Scott's Kitchen and Catering at Hangar 29.